Almost all American students remember college as the best days of their lives

Life on campus


One of the best experiences about going to college is living on campus. You will meet people from around the world and make connections you never thought was possible, as well as having friends around the world. 

When you live on campus you are able to enjoy the opportunities that are there. Often student bodies hold numerous activities for students who live on campus so that everyone can get to know one another. Living on campus means that you often have a meal plan. A meal plan allows you to eat at the numerous places your University offers, this is where most of the students converse as most students opt for the meal plan. Living on campus enables you to enjoy and experience the tradition of American college.

Education System

The United States is a particularly important country in terms of education. In recent years, the top 20 positions of the largest international rankings such as Shangai, Times Higher Education or QS have been occupied almost exclusively by North American Universities.

Also being home of the Ivory League schools the education system in the States is progressive and among the best in the world. Almost most all teachers hold a Masters or a Doctorate and have extensive experience in their field, often which most are teaching as a part time job whilst pursuing their individual studies.

University residance

As a freshman you will live on the campus of your specialty with close collaboration with the residential community, designed to help you succeed. The university residences place you next to the classmates who share your main or professional interests and programs and events tailored to your specialty. You will form valuable connections with roommates and classmates that will last a lifetime. Learn from the staff who are ready to help you build the foundation for your next four years. University residences offer programs, events and services tailored to your specialty, including: mentoring, counseling and academic resources.