SpainSports offers you the possibility of studying at a US university thanks to an athletic scholarship. You will enjoy practicing at a professional level, while attending some of the best universities in the world with the some of the most advanced educational technology alongside facilities for fully equipped sporting activities.


In addition, University life in the United States is an experience for itself, from fraternities/sororities, cultural, academic to entertainment clubs there is something for everyone . Life experiences with university colleagues from different countries, favor an open thought and unique collaboration and above all make you grow as a person.

What do we offer?


Personal, sports and educational development that is hard to find in many other universities outside the States.

University assured

We reach out and study many different American universities to find the ones that not only offer the best scholarships but are the best fit for you, in terms of athletic level and academic level as well as aspirations.


We guarantee you a sports scholarship. We offer a professional and personalized service to help get our students scholarships up to 100%, which in some cases is more than $60,000 per year, that is, more than $200,000 in their four year degree.

Reasons to study in the US

There are many reasons to study in an American University, here are some of them:

  • High quality University education
  • Indepence
  • Job opportunities
  • Bilingual opportunity
  • Experience many other cultures
  • Valuable and rewarding life experience

How does the process work?

The process to be able to study at an American university thanks to a sports scholarship is very simple.

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About Us

We are a relatively new business wth dynamic and experienced staff most of which have completed their own degrees with the help of sport scholarships in the States. Our greatest virtue is that we have experienced what the process is like from a student perspective, we know what common challenged students have to face on a daily basis, especially the process before arriving at the University.

Our passion is sport and to help young athletes live an experience that only happens once in a lifetime, that is why SpainSports was originally created. We love our work and we love to see the excitement and happiness of our clients as they leave for their adventure in the United States.

All of the above is what keeps us working hard to fulfill the dream of others, we consider ourselves to be "Your way to the USA".


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