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Study Away

Do you want to study in the States but do not play a sport? Or simply want to get information on how you can study as student. SpainSports now offers a StudyAway program. With StudyAway we help you find the right school for you in terms of what you would like to major in and the location you would like to live and study in!

What is the Study Away program?

The Study Away program offers guidance for those who want to study in the United States but do not necessarily have the means to gain a sports scholarship.

How does it work?

Just like sporting teams many other associations also have budgets for students and international students. If you are a student of high academic ability you can be offered academic scholarship money towards your studies cases vary between 20%-60% scholarships! Likewise other talents are also accepted, do you play a instrument or maybe two, then you are eligible for a band scholarship with most universities. A student may receive up to two different scholarships, some students go hand in hand playing an instrument as well as having good grades this insures them for a higher scholarship.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who am I in contact with to receive these scholarships?

We will keep you in contact with the Admissions department of your chosen Universities to make sure what you are receiving is fair and to the guidelines of the selected University.

What is the SAT?

The SAT is a standardized exam for students wanting to gain entry to American Universities. It covers 3 topics; reading comprehension, writing and mathematics. It can be taken as many times as you would like and the test can be sat outside the US. Most foreigners find the SAT to be a very simple exam, as the education level in the Sates does not seem to compete with continents such as Asia pacific and Europe.


How long does the process take?

The process is almost identical to that of a sports scholarship if not easier! After you take your SAT your score and grades from high school will determine your “academic value” which we will send to admissions staff and course coordinators. The total process before you get a visa could take 2-6 months Depending on how long it takes you to send us your grades, SAT scores and your preference on University, keep in mind of all this is subject to change.


Is it hard to receive an academic scholarship?

The first answer is not at all! If you enjoy studying and receive above average grades you may as well be considered to receive an academic scholarship. Your academic scholarship is determined from your SAT score and highschool GPA (grade point average) which we will help you generate from whatever countries school system you are applying from. It is common we see athletes receive a mixture of academic and sporting scholarship as it allows them to receive more funding.

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