Almost every University in the United States have a budget set aside for scholarships, this can be seen in the form of academic, sports or more commonly a mixture of both. These scholarships vary from full rides (everything paid) to fifty percent scholarships. The highest scholarships are almost always awarded to those of high athletic standard, but do not stress if you do not consider yourself an "athlete" there are over hundreds and many more individualized  scholarships depending on the school you choose to go to.  In fact the most common scholarships we see from coaches is a mixture of both academic and sports scholarships. As said in American Universities there is a scholarship for everyone, from music, the arts to sporting.

What are the advantages?

American universities are among the very few in the world that reward scholarships for sporting. This means you can continue to strive on the field however, off the field you are working towards your professional future with some of the best educators in the States. American Universities are among the most expensive in the world, American parents are no stranger to spending thousands a year to send their child to a high level university. With the help of scholarships international students are rewarded many more opportunities to guarantee themselves a high level scholarship.  There are among many advantages, you will receive a degree in english and from a American University, alongside being well travelled. With a significant amount of life experience and an American degree there will be no difficulties securing your future.

What sports are there?

There are many sports teams in the States and the popularity varies with the state you are in! In the North East typically we see more hockey scholarships, soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming and athletics. In the South we see a preference for baseball, tennis, soccer, athletics, volleyball, softball and  basketball. All of these include a women's team. If you don't play any of these sports please feel free to contact us as we may have not listed yours.

Why the United States?

American Universities have the biggest budgets for their students including their athletes. As there is a big culture of sports in the States, they believe that studying and competing is a good way to prepare yourself for the profesional world. Tackling problems like it is a important sport match is the way they also approach studying for your degree. Also in consideration educators are very understanding to your commitments as an "student athlete" and work with you towards your four year degree.

What degrees can I study in the USA?

Universities function the same as they would in any other country. You will be offered a range of degrees from mathematics, nursing, business to a marine biologist.

Where do you stay?

Depending on your preference there are many options. From on campus residence halls or apartments to off campus apartments close to the University. It all depends on what you are looking for also what your coach suggests is better for you.

How do you Study and Play?

You go to class for three hours and often your training will be scheduled after. Coaches and assistant coaches are responsible for creating your schedule which is flexible. You are also responsible for creating your class schedules with your "academic advisor" they will help to schedule classes to not clash with official practices